BA II Plus Calculator Tips

Don’t forget that the BA II Plus calculator can find Beta, Correlation, Standard Deviation, and give you the inputs for Co-variance for a simple data set. Nice to be able to check your answers. Instructions here: Good luck on Level I

Awesome. Thanks.

you might have just saved me half hour on exam day…

incredible…you might be the reason I pass

Bump & FYI. Good luck on Level I.

this should be a lvl 1 question…

Your BA II Plus Calculator Tips is least likely to do this:

a) subract a set of numbers from the mean of the set and square it

b) calculate the discount rate that makes the net present value equal to zero for a series of uneven cash flows

c) generate a random whole number between and equal to 1 and 4

d) find the nearst ATM

Thank you for useful tips.

But I can`t understand: what is sign “*” (dot) in Statistical Calcilations? For example, in calculations Mean and Standart deviation (p. 10).