BA II Plus Calculator

Hi, I am new to use this calculator. Do I need to reset the calculator everytime I use it for TVM calculations? I am getting weird results if I don’t do it. Any tip? Thanks in advance.

You don’t need to reset the calculator, but you do need to hit [2nd] [CLR TVM]. This will clear the previous TVM calculations out of the memory.

If you don’t rest the calculator using [2nd] [CLR TVM], and values form the previous calculation will remain. In most cases, this is desirable. There are a few cases (for example, calculating the price of a bond in one year’s time) when it’s acutally advantageous to NOT clear the memory). Here’s an example: Take a 30 year, 10% semiannual coupon bond with a YTM of 9%. Calculate the price of the bond: FV=1000, N=60, I=4.5, PMT=50 (note: it’s a semiannual coupon, so you a period is 6 months, not a year). PV=??= 1,107.19 To calculate the price of the bond in one year’s time, change N to 58 and calculate PV (it’s $1,102.46). This works because the values for I, PMT, and FV remain stored in your calulator. This also illustrates why you SHOULD clear the registers in most cases).

Thanks for the help! I wish there is an indication that TVM is/is not cleared. busprof - Thanks for the example. I think there is a typo - the PV would be 1,103.19.

Geewitz: Oops - gotta be more careful. Sorry for the error.