BA II Plus-extra battery or risk it 6/7?

Wouldn’t it just suck to prepare for months and have the battery die on exam day? The battery looks like a nightmare to change…curious what people are doing: A) Extra calculator ($40) B) Extra battery and screwdriver ($8) C) Take your chances (priceless)

my BA II prof. needs no screwdriver and i still have that spare battery from last year…

baII professional is sweet for this…

I bought another calc., too much money and time to risk it

I’ve risked it for the past 2 times i’ve sat for a CFA exam. Nothing ever bad happened but you always worry. I’m gonna take two calcs this time

i just went out and bought 2 spares (one for me and one for the wife). 65 bucks hurt, but not as much as old faithful dying during the test.

I am going to do the same. It’s just not worth the risk. To change the BA II Plus with a “precision screwdriver”…first need to take the back cover off (4 tiny screws), then once you’re in, you need to unscrew the battery cover (more tiny screws). The put it all back together. Not under exam stress, thank you. I think TI designed it that way so that we would buy more calculators. Ba$tards with their duopoly over CFA calculators.

I bought my BA II plus in 2003 and just changed the battery last year the day before Level II. I’m not overly superstitious…but I will not be changing the batter this Friday. If it dies on exam day, I’ll walk out head to the golf course and forget about the CFA charter forever.