BA Plus II Calculator

I hate this calculator. Maybe it’s just me, but I just tried working on a problem from the Schwser Sample Exam, and I thought I was doing it wrong the entire time, but after a million and one timelines and test trials, the calculator FINALLY showed the right answer. Even though I was punching in the SAME numbers every time, I still got a different answer each time. Maybe it’s just mine, but I thought I’d ask if anyone else is having trouble with it. I reset the calculator (press 2ND and the +/- button) and it worked out fine then.

Imagine wasting time on the exam on ONE problem only to realise you were doing it right but the calulator was playing tircks on you. UUGHHHH !!!

Exactly, I have been considering such a post myself…before I do any part of a calculation, I reset, then re format to an acceptable number of decimal places, then start the calc… It is frustrating, but slightly less so, than working through a problem to arrive at a completely spurious answer.

i had this problem for awhile. just get into this habit, and you’ll be fine. after every single TVM thing you do hit 2nd - FV (clr tvm) this clears out the TVM register. I’ve found that all my TVM problems have come down to not doing this.