BA2 plus question

On page 106 pg of the Schweser 1 book: the FV of an annuity question i get: 4597.06 whereas the schweser example comes back with 3769. How do i get my calculator out of screw up the answer mode? As you can tell im new to using it! Note it isnt in BGN. Thanks guys

try doing a 2nd CLR TVM (above the FV) button before you punch in the various numbers for your calculation. Most likely issue is that you have some prior TVM calculation - stored in your calculator. CP

always do 2nd RESET ENTER… Which resets your calculator… its the safetst way… The above also ll work…

if you do a RESET ENTER – you lose the # of decimal places, which goes back to the default value of 2. CP

thanks alot guys. that cleared up the issue. silly question i know.