BA2Plus: BRKEVN (An Options question)

Yo, hello everyone, hope studying is going good. Right now im trying to really get a feel for what the calculator can do when dealing with option values and profits. But my general trouble is when going from buyer to seller and Call options to Put options. So if someone can give me a hand here, heres what ive gathered: On the Call Options side, FC= Premium you paid, Co,Po VC= strike price? Gotten a few right using strike price.(ie exercise price) P= St is working for me. PFT= CPT or enter 0 to know what St is for breakeven. Q=1 (but i imagine you can buy hundreds of calls, which would make calculations easy) Now when going to puts, ive been making VC and P negative. Going to the sell side…well… now im just confused. Now i think im just going about this the wrong way. I know the formula is pretty easy but is there a general rule of thumb when doing this (ie, calls, puts, buyer, seller). Maybe JDV can say something that will give me a big AHA moment here… (ive looked around btw)

The BRKEVN fn as far as I know is to calculate the missing variable in a Breakeven scenario given a FC (Fixed Cost), VC (Variable cost), Q=Quantity, PFT=Profit, P=Price This is a Corp Finance thing.