baby tv - youtube

So some of this baby tv stuff on youtube is truly terrible. I saw one vid where a person was unwrapping some kinder eggs and see what toys were inside…and another vid where dude basically pops plastic for 15 mins saying oooh ahh and wow. But this stuff is like crack for kids… they just hypnotized by it…

I was think of making one myself. Would probably take quite a bit of time with the set up, editing and all that stuff. The more professional it looks the better these things normally do on view count.

But srsly?.. How my dollar can a dude make from baby tv?.. Not like kids watching bubble wrap are going to click the link to a tv add or anything. What you think?

How many subscribers does the channel have? If they have 1 million subscribers, there is a good chance they are making six figures from that.

Yeah sorry… These guys get like 60m views or something crazy on each vid…and they have 40/50 vids up there of just utter rubbish…

I didn’t think the London housing market was that bad yet.

That markets has been cornered. There are a couple of people who do nothing but open Easter eggs for hours and video it.

My kids could watch that all day long when they were younger. Glad we bought them an iPad so they could watch other kind day open up presents.

I looked into this. They only make money if the advertisements are clicked and/or if the ads are watched to completion (not skipped). My just turned three-year-old has already learned how to work the mouse and skip the commercials. So I imagine that even millions of views may not generate that much income.

^ Things must have changed.

In the past, YouTube was paying 5k for every million views.

Lol. I’m so lost on what is going on here…