Bachmann now Swiss

Interesting. Run for president, get knocked out pretty early, exercise the right to become a dual Swiss citizen that you’ve had for 34 years because your kids want to be Swiss. Looks like the Bachmann family is thinking about jumping off the ship.

she’s kept her US citizenship though

I’m sure she’ll keep her US citizenship as long as the checks from US govt. keep clearing.

Actually, it kind of makes sense. She campaigned saying America is going in the “wrong direction”, and voters sent her packing. Quitting America would be consistent with what she had previously said.

I’d do it.

I was under the impression you are ineligible to hold public office if you hold dual citizenship.

Perhaps this means she no longer intends to participate in politics.

According to the article, she’s actually now eligible in both countries. US Constitution only requires that members of the House be: US citizens for at least 7 years (doesn’t say you can’t have dual citizenship); 25 years old; a resident of the district they represent. I’m sure some liberal group will file a lawsuit trying to force her out now though.

I think it’s time to see her real birth certificate.

The irony is that she comes from the party of foreigners-are-inherently-untrustworthy-except-for-Brits.

I would actually love to see her out of office. It’s hard to be a proud member of the GOP these days with the tea party crowd taking over.

I bet Roger Federer is now talking to Nadal to see if he can get him into Spain. Or he could inquire with Novak Djokovic to see if he can pull some strings in Serbia.

I believe there are other lawmakers with dual citizenship,

e.g. Sen. Carl Levin (MI) also holds Israeli citizenship