Back after cancellation

my first day of studying today since having the May exam postponed to November in April. mentally fatigued and do not feel like studying one bit. anyone else feel the same way ? if so what’re you guys doing to maintain the mental endurance for another 5 months.

thoughts would be appreciated.

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I feel you. Think about the days when you will never have to open a CFA text book for any CFA exam. You are that near. Think of this as the toughest phase you have already endured. Nothing can get worse than 2020 & whatever is left of 2021.

Try and find a fun way of learning. I found scheduled repetition a fun way of studying. I use the Ankidroid app to create cards.
The CFA institute Learing Ecosystem is a fun way to study too. The test question part will keep your knowledge fresh and the cards are a good way to learn the expressions.
Good luck

For me the first month of studying after the cancellation has been very bad…after it was better…maybe because concept started to be consolidated and also some “mental mechanism” that make to adapt to the situation

I recognize that in some days I was not productive…then take a break (and consider these breaks in your schedule)

Any delay in getting charter affects our career in so many ways.