Back Again........

This forum helped me alot during my studies in level 1 2009 exam and level 2 2010 ( althought i didnt pass), i left the program and get into a irrelevant job but i finally found a relevant job and i have registered again for L2 :). Now i am almost starting fresh its feel like i never went through the material mainly because its been almost 2 years i was not in touch with that, and secondly there are Material changes in curriculum since then. Last time i exclusively used schweser but this time i am focusig on CFAI text. Its just started lets see how it goes …Gud luck to all the candidates…

congrats. good luck

Welcome back! So have you started studying?

SpyAli yaah i have , jumping from one to another book :slight_smile: . my second pass would be a serious one. lets see. u havent decided yet yet ?

I have started. Done with CF and Equity. It was more of a revision for me as the material is pretty fresh in my mind. I don’t know if it is a good or a bad thing. But I so want to pass this time!

Dun worry Give ur best shot bro every thing wud be fine. where in Pakistan u are?? drop me an email at

Similar situation here…

I failed level 2 in 2009, I am yet to sign up for the exam but I have started studying last monday.

Good luck all