"Back Office" is now "Water Cooler"

Some sensible changes to the site this morning; I like it.

I think it’s a big improvement that we now have a proper place for discussion of the markets, interviewing, etc other than the “CFA General” forum where this discussion previously ended up.

Good choice of new name “Water Cooler”; kudos to whoever thought of that. I also think that it was a clever idea to put “Water Cooler” at the top of the forums list rather than the bottom, for lazy people that post in the first forum they see.

Suggestion for one more possible forum: How about one for MBAs & Business Schools? Seems like a legit topic for analysts, and this discussion doesn’t really have a proper home on AF currently.

One more suggestion (I know I’ve said it before): this view http://www.analystforum.com/forum would be even better if there was a 1-line summary for each forum, showing the most recent topic of discussion in that forum. Might help to keep discussion active in the less-popular subforums.

^ Totally agree we need a “Business School” section I’m not sure the “investments” section will be used that much, but nice to have Good work overall

This is a great change, the site has greatly improved from the previous version. One suggestion, can you put a tab for General Discussion on Top, on par with CFA/CAIA/Careers etc?

water cooler is a more apt name than “back office”

Thanks for feedback. I will keep an eye out for the business school discussions and will start a new forum category if needed.

Actually a couple more things would be great: 1) As soon as you login, it returns you to the page you were on. Say I browse a certain thread and decide to comment. I click login and I am logged in, but I have to go back to find that thread again. The fastest way I discovered is click back on the browser 2 times and then hit refresh. But this is annoying. 2) A drop down for the subforums If I’m at water cooler and want to go to say L1 discussion. I have to click CFA, then CFA forums, then the L1 link. 3 separate pages just to get to where I want. Now I know this generates more traffic… but it’s annoying. and probably turns people away

I think that business school discussions can go under the Careers tab.

I like this idea too.

There should be one forum that contains only new and updated threads from other forums. Doesn’t anyone else think that it will be a pain in the ass to find updates in all these new pages?

At the bottom of the forum pages there is a dropdown with a list of options. One is “View new forum posts” which shows just this. Here is the link: http://www.analystforum.com/forum/new

I like the investments tab…why do we need an MBA forum? so we have more ppl asking which school they should go to so they can get a better job? i say we have a hot reporters tab…a thread for each hot reporter and daily updates on what they have been saying and wearing…

Maybe we should have an option to subscribe to different fora. I would like to see new and updated threads in the forums I frequent, but I don’t need to get every update in L1 CAIA or L1 CFA as well. You could subscribe via a checklist of fora in personal settings. And then, the Navigation bar (or a second navigation bar above or below the current one) would have a list of those fora you checked off. Alternately, people could have a kind of dash-board page that shows new/updated threads in the fora you have checked off, and a list of threads (possibly broken down by forum) that you’ve responded to. Those are requests that are non-trivial to implement, but it does seem that Chad is taking our requests seriously (which is definitely a big positive).

Can we have a link to General on top as well? That would make it really fast as most of us head there first. Rather than a forum, a thread can be created for “hot reporters” we’ll need to have the ability to upload photos though…

yeah, ability to upload photos is important, definitely. i should have thought of that. Can we get working on this. i have a few pics i would like to post up…