Back Pain

Is it me, or are other people getting some serious back pain from sitting down and studying for 10 hours a day?


Yeah with my chair I tend to tuck one leg in and after 15-20 mins its numb with pain

I nailed my books to the wall and study standing up.

Anyone here taking their exam in NYC?

i nailed my notes to the ceiling so i can read a little when i go to bed or wake up in the morning…

I’ve been studying lying on my bed mostly! Elixerseven, I’m taking in the exam in NYC

i’m taking in NYC as well, i think there are several different sites tho…

Yup, 3 different ones. Anyone else have the Millenium by Times Square?

mock exams in bed rule. wish i could wheel a cot into the exam center.

None, thanks to my amazing freedom chair. Highly recommended to anyone who sits in front of a computer a lot!

my back is f***kin killin me

I spend 9 hours a day at work sitting at my desk. I come home and spend another 6 hours at my desk studying. The rest of the time I spend on my back sleeping in bed. My legs have become little twigs that small children point at and laugh.