back then hoes didnt want me. now im hot hoes all on me. friend's amazing change!

so my buddy rage quit the clubs at around 195. for 3 mos, he worked out non stop per my advice and lost 30+ lbs. got a clean cut. bought some expensive ass clothing at macys lol the slim fit shit. got a beamer. and now he shopping for a 10k watch.

we went out clubbin last sat to test this new improved 2.0. surprisingly he has his best night ever. doesnt have a 1 night stand, but the quality he was pulling was remarkable. i was astounded. his confidence/ego shot up to ridic levels. had to check him on it cuz he was rude to these older women that was talking to us. lol

just comes to show u how shallow everyone is. no one likes to hear it. but its the truth.


listened to this track like a year ago and it was pretty tight still

he got a 3 series and a slim fit shirt from Macy’s? thats LA entry level brah. Literally every n00b d*ouche in la county rolls that way, how is this a differentiator. It must have been the internal confidence projected that made all the difference, 100% mental game.

Will he have surgery to repair the loose skin :open_mouth:?

Did you guys go to one of those gay bondage clubs? I find it hard to picture how he would display his expensive “ass clothing”.


his approach is still kind of poor imo, esp at the beginning of the night. hes a bit rusty. hasnt gone out in 3 mos, except the rare bday occasions. but yea his success rate has improved drastically. just goes to show you how a small investment in grooming can lead to major results.

like he pulled 1 pretty hot latina chick, the hottest hes ever pulled imo, and the nigga kept following her till he got straight up ignored when he waved at her form like 10 ft. i lulzed hardd.

and he can pull the fat chicks pretty easily now with abs no effort. 3 mos ago, even fat chicks rejected his ass. lol

Ah, the $50,000 millionaires club. That group is known for their outstanding life choices.

How old are you, nerdy? Just wondering, not judging.

what is defined by success rate? 1s/2nd base?

^haha its even lower than that. just willing to grind or getting a number/reply back, or 1st base.

29 birdman lol but i do understand the concern. i am a bit immature.

Do you think you’ll get married some day?

lyrics make me click these threads but i’m always disappointed by nerdy’s choice of friends. capital d0uches.

Sounds like a good night nerdy! mad respect for helping ur friend out like that. Some people need some guidance on how to look and play the game. He was looking for that push to go outside of his comfort zone and now he knows…

Your mate is gonna be loving life now… new clothes, watch, car, body, hair cut… Damn dog. Chicks gonna be swarming.


yep i think i want to. but tbh i shuddered when my gf called my dad her father in law through text.

but its funny you mentioned this. you ever seen two and a half men? that charlie guy is living my dream. i want to live his life in my mid 30s, so i cant do this in the us, so my plan is to set up a bach pad in a third world country filled with nerdy’s sugar bitches (personal joke to friends). the annual expenditures is like 10 to 20k/year. so a net worth of 700k is my current goal.

lol… this

its only success if you complete the deed

This was my friend’s favorite story out of 5 I read. Douche bag alert I’m with him right now do you guys have any questions or additional comments. We can laugh at? Thx much