Background check - what does it mean

This company that I’ve been interviewing with said they are moving forward with the background check? does this mean that its almost within my reach? Or do they say that to every candidate? This is the first time I’ve seen where a company is conducting background check before the offer.

I’d say you’re pretty far along in the hiring process if they’re doing a background check. They usually pay an outside company to complete at least a portion of those, especially if you’re from out of state, or country, which was my case. They ended up pulling my Canadian (SK) driver’s license info or something ridiculous. I’m assuming you’ve had a few interviews already?

Its a good sign, but certainly not a guarantee. Good luck!

yeah, I’ve been through a few interviews but it took them 2 weeks to get back to me and I’m supposed to hear from them this week about an offer/rejection. Its almost friday, crossing my fingers that I’ll hear from them one way or another. Been biting my nails off…suspense is killing me

It means lay off the reefer, or at least get yourself a whizzzinator.

Typically they have to pay for the check, which the won’t do until they’ve checked off all the free boxes. So usually it means you should start planning package negotiations.

… unless you have skeletons in your closet.

I’m a neat person - i’ve cleared my closets. Still no word, maybe they have too much cash to burn and like to have background checks on all final candidates.