background check

Just a quick question - what all can then check in you back ground check? What about salary, would they be able to see euch information in a background check?

My experience is “no”. As far as background checks for criminal history they scan your fingerprints or SSN, or both. And as far as employment history most firms don’t/won’t disclose salary info, even if asked, but they will disclose job title etc.

criminal history and most financial firms will check your credit history to make sure you have never filed bankruptcy.

My firm hired out to American Background. They did drug testing, criminal and credit check, educational verification, job verification, salary verification, and reference checks.

they check the biggies, but salary is not checked typically. some will, though. the main thing is: did you go to schools you say you did, did you work where your resume said you did, and do you have some weird credit or criminal history.