Background checks in the USA

Does anyone know how a company verifies where you worked previously? (besides calling the company, how do they verify your employment if the place no longer exists?) Let me know. Be specific as possible. Thanks.

If it no longer exists they’ll usually just note it and move on with the rest of the check. If you can they may ask for a former manager’s or coworker’s contact info, but if you don’t have it, it’s usually not a big deal from what I’ve seen.

Friend of mine just had a prospective new employer ask him for his W2 to verify employment with a company that no longer exists, and he worked there in 2001.

Oh, yeah, I forgot about that, I provided W2’s for my employers.

Kroll and Choicepoint are the background check agencies I’ve had to agree to. At the smaller companies I’ve worked at, I’ve never had a background check. Employers really don’t like calling former employers to verify info.

My new employer used a company called Business Information Group to research my history. I don’t know if/how much they checked into my work history, but they scrutinized my education.

Thanks for replying.

More specifically, How does a company such as Business Information Group (which does background checks) find out where you worked? Thanks for the replies.

They go off your resume & references. If they’re having trouble finding a company or employer they’ll contact you I think.

Too anxious, dude. Are you sure your resume accurately describes your work experience and education? They’ll find everything.