Backpacks not allowed in exam room

Where do we leave all our stuff? Are they going to watch it? How will they pull off with 5000-10000 people attending? I think I’m locking my phone and taking out the SIM card :-f

What all do you need to take with you that you need a backpack?


I’m just going to grab something to eat close by the exam center

check out where you`re writing. and scout the place. My test site has lockers that i can use to lock it up and grab my lunch without having to venture to my car. no bags are allowed in the testing room

Lunch, water, coffee, study materials for the break, etc…

for houstonians, there are rooms in the george r. brown that had security people watching over bags.

for Toronto, if you don’t bring you lunch - you go to PM session with empty stomach. There’s only two food vendors at the Exhibition Place, no need to tell you how busy they get.

I’m writing in Toronto - FisherSU, have you been to the location? Any tips that you could tell me about where I’m supposed to go from Princess blvd.? I’m taking public transit and going to be there for the first time on Saturday.

In December, there was a big room w here you could leave all your stuff for the duration of the exam (i.e. coats, bags, etc). After emptying that, you could go to the exam room. With permission, you could go back to that room to get something, i.e. i went back to get a pack of gum because of a bad after taste from lunch.

Anyone taking the exam in Long Island, NY - NYL?

Anyone taking exam in Dallas, TX??

super, TTC will drop you off right in front of the Exhibition. Direct Energy centre is just around the corner, but it will be really hard to miss since there would be enormous crowd going that way. Bring lunch, drinks, n e thing you think u’ll need, so you don’t have to line up for an hour just to get a cold slice of pizza for like six or seven bucks :wink:

thanks for the tips man, definitely gonna pack lunch i bet the washooms are gonna be busy as fuck the whole time

don’t worry about washrooms, there are a lot of those around. np, you’r welcome.

FisherSU Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > don’t worry about washrooms, there are a lot of > those around. > > np, you’r welcome. anybody in INDY ?

Anybody in Montreal?