Backup to EQR career

Seeing the asset management & EQR industry shrink from all directions has made me reconsider if I want to invest more time in the industry (5 years and counting in EQR). I am exploring other options including corporate finance, banking, perhaps even VC.

I was wondering if other people in the industry are looking at alternative options, especially those who have put in even more time and effort into this industry?

I have this discussion with people, I think it depends on how you feel about your personal path, some I know have or are thinking about leaving and others are plugging away at it.

For those who are considering leaving, what are they leaving for or aiming for?

Is anyone moving to VC? Or is it typically corporate finance, IR type roles?

Another thread. Doesn’t matter if anyone is moving or not. Can you make the move? yes then do it. If not, then stay in ER. Simple.