backward valuation

when can we use 50% as probability of moving up or down? when we have to calculate the probability of moving up as (1+r-d)/(u-d)?

they will let you know on the question. If it says something has an “upside potential”/“downside potential” then you use probability of moving up. Otherwise assume 50/50 probability

In calculating bond , you will have take half of the discounted amount

Interest rates trees always use a 50/50 probability of and up or down move. For stock price trees the risk neutral probabilities are different. To calculate it is: 1+RFR-D/(U-D)

exactly as mwvt9 explained above. For stock price trees, the q will say something like ‘the stock may move up 15% or down 25%.’ So your U value would be 1.15 and your D value would be .75

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