Bacon = Cancer?? Easy choice, bring on the cancer

Where I’m from, BBQed meats mean low temp 6-12hr+ woodfire smoking. Do you mean high temp outdoor grilling of steaks, hotdogs, chicken, etc?​​

man i miss a good ol bbq.

Naw, people who say this don’t understand how evolution/adaptation works.

The stuff we have been eating the longest, is the stuff to which we are the most adapted, the end. If that stuff gives us a little ______, it still gives us less ______ than the other options.

This does not refute the fact that bacon has specifically carcinogenic properties, adaptation or not, other things may give us problems, but so will this. Secondly, just because we have adapted to eat it doesn’t mean it is harmless. Plus, bacon is a preserved meat product that only emerged since the advent of agriculture.

Around 300F seems to be the quoted number, plus you have to avoid charring, and fat burning which is hard to do with grilling. Braising probably would be good, but even before braising you need to sear the meat to get the Mailliard reaction going,