I mean really guys.

This stuff is so good, goes on everything, but is fattening.

How do you avoid it? Or do you just not.

I was making a nice hearty vegan soup and really missed the stuff.

Use some other meat. Transitioning from bacon straight to vegan seems a bit extreme.

I have a theory that I could never be truly friends with a guy who’s a vegetarian. Guys who are vegetarian are usually very different kind of people with very different values and ideals. I don’t have any issues with them, I just don’t expect us to get along like a house on fire.

It’s not that bad…just cut away the obvious strips of fat to reduce the guilt burden. I’d consider bacon healthier than McD or a bag of crisps.

I have indian friends who grew up never having meat for religious reasons. I can respect that. I will never understand the people who give up meat. That’s mind boggling.

Well, most veggie people are quite liberal, so I get the feeling that if you get into a deep philosophical discussion with them, you might disagree on many things. Personally, I don’t have an issue with ultra liberal/conservative people, unless they are evangelical about their beliefs.

Some people don’t eat meat due to religious or cultural reasons - like Indians.

It’s really not that hard. It’s just the western diet is meat-centric, so coming off meat is impossible - aka food is basically a meat dish with vegetable sides. Even among Indians who do eat meat (like me), meat is rarely the “central” portion of a meal, so it is not hard to be vegetarian.

Indians have a vegetarian tradition (in the south more than the north) and so have had 1000s of years to figure out how to make veggies taste delicious. However, the answer has been to make them high-calorie. Still delicious!

I’ve noticed that vegetarians do tend to be thin, and thin in a particular way. Vegetarians seem to be very thin in the face, where as non-vegetarians who are thin don’t seem to be as thin in the face. I’ve noticed this with women, mostly, but probably men too.

I seem to have a bit of anaemia. Nothing severe, but there was a time when I gave up meat for about 3 months, and it just seemed to leave me feeling weak. One day, I just tore into a steak and I felt so much better afterwards. So I can’t go meatless (yeah, I know about tryino substitute beans for protein, but it just doesn’t do it for me), although I do try to limit my meat intake a little bit and shift down to fish when I can (except I don’t really like a lot of fish: achovies and sardines and herring, yuck!).

I had a stepdaughter who loves animals and occasionally goes through vegetarian phases. One doctor who stopped by said that only certain types of people can truly be vegetarian and healthy. She said it had something to with one’s blood type. Only certain blood types can be vegetarian without depriving your body of some needed nutrient. I forget which one. I don’t know if that’s true, but I thought that was pretty interesting.

I do love bacon though. It is truly scrumptious. And turkey bacon is not nearly as nice as the real thing. I read somewhere that if you are choosing between breakfast meats (saussage, bacon, or ham), one should choose bacon because although it’s worse on a per-ounce basis, it’s not necessarily worse on a per-serving basis, because a little bacon can go a long way in terms of flavor.


i have a friend who turned vegetarian. clevercfa is right, its hard being friends with him. he acts like a lil bytch about most things. if you grew up on meat, hwo you going to give that up? c’mon…i honestly think eating meat is a luxury we n the developed world should cherish and celebrate…

I should add that when I did go meatless for a while, I didn’t give up meat on a humanitarian basis. I gave up red meat for a while because I thought that there was no reason that mad cow disease couldn’t be here in the US. As I did that, I found I also gave up chicken at the same time (I don’t dislike chicken, but I rarly think “yeah! chicken!”). So I just ended up being vegetarian for a while.

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if i couldn’t eat meat, not sure what I would eat…i like fruits but vegetables hardly fill me up…i can understand removing fried chicken from my diet, but meat, no way…

Interesting to consider that some animals only eat meat… like my cats… They are super carnivores, so basically, their purpose of existence is to kill and consume other living creatures. Wait… why the fuck do I have these things in my house?

cats is for women…real men own dogs…

Because they are warm and furry and make you feel needed when your boss craps all over you…

…and chicks dig 'em.

Cats can largely take care of themselves. Dogs always look at you, wanting something. If a guy wants that experience, just go get a GF (ok, jk :wink: ).

Dog is man’s best friend…Cat eats you when you are dead in your room.

lol I never said I was going vegan full time, I was just making a dish — but cutting a lot of fats right now because I finally I hit 215lbs (in weight) and am cutting down to 170lbs for a possible Feb 2nd fight. I really believe in a low meats, high vegetable diet. But, I just love double bacon cheeseburgers a bit too much. I can go vegan for 1-2 days, but always break. The most I have ever gone vegan was for three weeks and it was almost an out of body experience. It is like having constant energy if you keep up the right amount of proteins and nutrients.

dogs protect your family and territory…get too close and my rottie will bite…

i am a vegan cannibal

Main problem with bacon is not even fat, but its huge sodium content, especially after 30. Even if you’re in good shape and can down bacon cheeseburgers regularly without gaining bad weight, high blood pressure will eventually cook your kidneys if you don’t have a stroke first. Love bacon and eggs for breakfast, but rarely eat that now.