Bad Day Coping

So my boy just got shtcanned yesterday. He was one of the few Gs at the office I was cool wit. Why’d he get shtcanned? Let’s say it was office politics, not a direct cause. Basilcally instead of playing by the office rules, he called someone out in a meeting who has been dragging their feet on this initiative since day 1 explaining he was tired of the rampant bs excuses. Next thing I know, he’s dinged.

Now I gotta work with a bunch of stiff suits going forward. Fxck.

Yeah, that is a big office politics no-no. Even if someone is completely useless, it’s not good to call them out in public. For instance, a couple of years ago, we had a big company project that involved basically every team (accounting, compliance, FO, BO, MO, etc.). Our business manager was the kind of guy who would tell people “get your shit together - you are holding everything back”. And I respected him for that, since those people were truly being useless. However, it was not long before he left for a different company for not being a “good fit” with our culture.

Another guy got fired last year for calling out his boss during a conference call. He was let go on that same day. This guy was prone to rage issues - in the past, he had literally smashed office equipment in fits of anger. However, I was surprised that they cut him off so quickly - he had been with the company for some 15 years, and had a lot of friends in high places.

Moral of the story is keep your complaints private and follow the correct channels. If you really want to complain about someone, talk to your boss in private, or talk to the people directly.

Damn cu. Ain’t dat a shame. Pour a lil’ Old-E out on the sidewalk for him.

“Moral of the story”…is there really one there!!!

This is a survival skill. It’s how people can survive for a long time in the company… like cockroach. After a while, all those 10% raises add up…

“Get your sh!t together” conversations should be done in private in a business setting. Having them in public breaks down unit cohesion and makes the whole crew afraid to take a step or say anything other than what’s scriptied.

It’s a bummer that an otherwise good (I assume) worker got canned while learning this lesson, but it is a worthwhile lesson.

That said, not having private “get your sh!t together” conversations when they are needed can be as damaging as having them in public, so there are two sets of responsibilities here.

Thing I don’t get, is the worthless employee is still around. There is more I could get into, and maybe I will, but it’s a shame since everyone knew that my boy was right, but felt his confrontation was out of line.

Amazing how we slam government for being inefficient, corp america is equally as bad.

Are you sure that’s the main reason why he got canned? Perhaps they were looking to reduce headcount and this guy just offered himself up as a target. i.e. they were looking for someone to fire, and this just seemed the most plausible excuse to use.

I’m pretty sure that was it. Here is the unabridged version.

The individual he corrected is a young single blond (AF wheels begin turning). She’s intelligent, pretty, and carries herself well. She is an office chatterbox and from what I hear, doesn’t get her work done in a timely manner. Each meeting she had an excuse as to why she wasn’t ready to move forward all of which sounded soft. So my man confronted her as to why ignoring the excuses. She is rather cozy with some higher ups. Perhaps one of the higher ups, thinking he will now get a favor from her, took her complaint and helped a resolution land in her favor.

I’m not denying that my man wasn’t out of line, I bet he was given his short fuse. I just find it ironic that the company sides with the lazy pretty blond over my man the bulldog who was simply trying to get ish done.

Insert HR, Sexism, and Affirmative Action slams below. Also insert STL’s comment on Org Behavior class from B School.


Yeah, it doesn’t sound like this should be a fireable offense, unless he has been doing it for a while and refuses to stop after having been asked. The right way to handle it would have been to take him aside, say that while his grievances may have merit, this was not the way to air them, and then tell him what the right way to do it in your organization is.

He must have said something very unprofessional. A couple of F bombs are enough to get you out. Either that, or there were some past issues.

Yeah, not at my joint. Mad territorial. And you wonder why I’m bout to bounce.

The nail that sticks out the most…

How is the midwest firm looking?


Midwest is dragging their feet. Maybe I’m out, who knows. Win or lose, I keep on hustlin.

I’ll attach a pic if, and only if, Frankie returns. Only the Oracle of AF can make a ruling on HCBs.

Dear CFA/MBA/MD/JD/DMD/PHD/BA/CFA/MMA/… you get the point brother… shieeeeeet… that dude from the Temptations died…but legend dont’ die

yeahhhhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee

We have no rules like that where I work, people get called out all the time. I actually find it a pretty great atmosphere to work in. I am not looking forward to the time when I have to work in a different environment, I don’t think a guy like me could last in a stiff corporate environment.

CvM, what do you do?