Bad idea to mix Stalla/Schweser?

Has anyone ever tried to mix and match Stalla/Schweser/CFAi materials in the past? I’ve been able to get my hands on (most of) both programs from other students at my school who passed L1 in June, and am starting to question if mixing and matching might do more harm that good. At the moment, I have both sets of study notes and videos, both Passmaster and Q-Bank CDs, Schweser audio, and Stalla flashcards. For the moment, though, I’m just concentrating on getting through the CFAi books for a first look (should be done with them by this time next month, if I can keep to schedule). From what I gather, most people here seem to use the Schweser notes, but almost everyone that has used the Stalla videos has raved about Peter Olinto. If anyone has actually compared the two companies, I’d love to hear which parts Schweser gets better than Stalla and vice-versa - and also if you think it’s better to stick to a single provider for your prep. Thanks.

you should be fine, if you are doing december, you better start studying NOW.

My plan for L1 is - Books+MP3 from Scheweser Video from Stalla - PO is great Ethics from CFAI Mock from all No flashcards, only secret sauce. Getting time n energy to do is the key.

Stalla flashcards are pretty good if you want to use them. I used to walk around with a bunch of cards in a sandwich bag.