Bae crying over work. why doesnt she just quit

no idea why she crying over work. if she dont like it, why cant she just leave. if i didnt have a job. itd be a big deal and id tell her to suck it up. but we got options. dafuq’s her problem! literally my investments make more than she does in a year.

cause her man poor?

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Is your wifey a negative cash flow fixed asset?

she gives me like 800 bucks. about a quarter of her net income.

My wife has been claiming to be fed up with her workplace for the past ~18 months. So leave? She has 6 years of experience in a highly transferable, sought-after industry. But to her, having to adapt to a new environment is more daunting than continuing to deal with incompetence and ingrates.

its one thing to be fed up. but to actually cry? that makes me mad. though to be fair. ive seen enough people cry at work. but not for easy jobs like hers. if the pay is low then your tolerance to endure should be low. right?

Maybe you’re just dating a beta female who doesn’t belong to your alpha universe?

Nah. More of a fundamental difference between male and female psyche.

Men want to solve problems. Women want someone to listen to them complain and then pretend the problem doesn’t exist.

nah shes weak. my sisters and momma are pretty ruthless