BAII Plus Professional and Error 4

Hello, I have some doubts with statistics functions
I have the following exercise:
-10% of Profit, Prob 15%
1% of Profit, Prob 50%
6% of Profit, Prob 35%
After I enter the data:
a) I set in 2nd Stat.
b) I set in 1-v
c) Aparece “Error 4”


error 4 means “out of range” error.
Texas TI Ba 2 plus pro errors
this happens, for example, when the program is expecting a positive input for a variable, but it finds a negative input for that variable instead. maybe a stray input somewhere is affecting the calculations.

Try the following
X01=-10 Y01 =15 X02=1 Y02=50 X03=6 Y03=35 :nerd_face:


Thanks for your help!

Thanks @breadmaker. :blush: