BAII Plus Professional Battery

hey guys i was just thinking about replacing my battery on my calculator before the exam, but i see is not the kind of battery i was anticipating. do they have this battery at stores like Radioshack or is it more technical? Anyone who has the same calculator, id appreciate the hlp

CVS, Radioshack, Walmart, Duane Reade - any of those places

it’s a 3V “2032”. I went into the hardware shop next to our building in Canary Wharf and they were all sold out!! I assumed every CFA candidate in London was buying them up in fear ahead of the exam… Fortunately I found a couple in Robert Dyas. I had this terrifying vision of getting to the first quant question and seeing my calculator start to flicker and then die leaving my to discount cashflows by long division…

Ah, Robert Dyas! I’ve been looking for those little batteries everywhere and didn’t know where to get one. Thanks for that, I’m gonna pop down at lunch. But yeah, it does look a bit tricky to change. I’ve had my calculator for about 18months and I’m too scared to risk leaving the old battery in for the exam, I have the long-division nightmares too!

does anyone know if the ba ii plus professional flicks for some time and warns you that your battery is low, or if it just dies? the ti 83 plus, for example, warns you when turning it on that battery is low, and you can go about 2 weeks of using it daily without replacing the batteries