BAII Plus PROFESSIONAL vs BAII Plus (standard)

I am trying to decide whether or notI should purchase a BAII Plus Professional. Are there any advantages to using the professional version of the BA II Plus other than being able to calculate NFV and PB. Also, are there any problems that can be made easier by using the BAII-Plus calculator that aren’t mentioned in the Schweser books (ie depreciation problems)? Thanks

buy the professional. it’s exactly the same calculator (you mentioned a difference but I’m pretty sure there aren’t any functional differences at all) it may seem silly, but it’s just nicer and you will be spending a lot of time using it over the next few years. worth the money.

yeah it looks and feels a lot better. get it on amazon (its about the same price as a BAII regular if you bought it at staples/office depot). for the purposes of the cfa, there is one other slight advantage of the professional. the battery can be changed easily whereas with the regular one you have to use screwdrivers. during the test, the chances of your battery dying are like .1%, but you’ll be better prepared if that event happens.

i stand corrected- apparently there are a few functional differences between the regular and professional. amazon reviews would be useful to you as well.

I would go for the professional ones. Chic dig the professional ones. Once they see that gleaming metallic coating on that sleek sensual beast of a machine, there will be no stopping them. sometimes i wear it as a necklace and show off my bling at clubs. You won’t believe how popular i get with my NPV calculations! :stuck_out_tongue:

Let them touch the keypad! Only then they’ll understand how strong your fingers are!

I actually already own the BAII Plus, but was wondering if it was worth it to purchase the professional version for the exam? Other than the benefit of better battery issue, is it capable of doing any other CFA problems that the regular BAII Plus can’t?

I own both. Had the BA-II for almost 8 years, and got the Professional version last November. If you don’t mind the extra cost, I’d get the Professional version. It has extra features like discount payback, MIRR, and modified duration. You can get by using the regular BA-II on the exam, though.

Hi all Are there any differences in the operations between the two versions. Schweser has illustrated all calc process with regular BA-II plus. Are they verbatim applicable to Pro version as well? Thanks