So the gf took me out to a well respected ballet show last night at Lincoln Center. I wanted to of course make her happy and try to understand the art behind the show. But about 5min in, I just couldn’t help bursting out laughing. The whole thing seemed pretty ridiculous. Needless to say, she was not impressed.

I had to go to ballet with clients once. I managed to not burst out laughing but I agree that it was bloody ridiculous. It went on for hours as well and I had to try to pay attention in case they wanted to talk about it afterwards, I still didn’t have a clue what was happening though.

Most people like it because it’s high-culture and they want to seem more sophisticated than they really are.

What did you guys watch?

Lincoln Center is conducting this ballet marketing campaign where young “millennial” types, usually minorities and supposed first time viewers, provide their evaluation of the performances. So, a typical advertisement would feature a 20 something black guy telling us how great it was to see the ballet and how it changed his perception of the genre. Are you saying these statements could be scripted, rather than candid accounts of how the person’s eyes were opened to an exciting new art form?

Would it have helped if you knew the dancers don’t wear underwear under their tights?

The crowd was mainly older couples, foreigners (mostly Italian, Russian, etc…; first time I ever head any use “Bravo!”) and a lot of women and likely gay men (making some judgments on the latter).

The one silver lining to you single guys is that if you can stomach these performances and learn more about the dancers/directors, you can definitely cleanup on some solid 8-10s. Your competition includes 70-90 y/o men and probably lots of gay men.

Only if they took off said tights at some point and did “the man fan.”

One time I went to the Canadian Ballet and it was a decidedly different experience than what you outlined.

I would recommend it, but maybe leave the girlfriend behind when you visit.

Man, what a d-bag move. Show a little respect and don’t always make things about you. I’m surprised you still have a girlfriend after that disrespectful move.

dont they serve booze?

All you that are putting down ballet are a bunch of uncultured cretins.

hopefully if not, this sounds like the perfect opportunity to eat some edibles (THC) before. would be epic.

Does she think you’re marriage material?

If I were making it about me, I wouldn’t have been there in the first place. Not like I was heckling or being wildly inappropriate. Just sharing some slightly comical experiences on an anonymous forum. My gf and I actually talked about it this afternoon and she was more mad that I caused her to laugh as well…

what was the performance?

Generally if it’s a function with the GF I think it’s more about them and having your companionship even if the event is not your piece of cake. With something like the ballet there is definitely a lot of skill and training, (dedicating your life with low long term payoffs) involved so out of respect I would try my best not to laugh. Anyways looks like CFABB has resolved it well.

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^ LOL love that scene

I like the symphony and maybe some opera – but ballet wouldn’t be my cup of tea either.