Ballpark date for 1st Mock

I know we all study in different ways and are at different stages but when would be your ideal date(s) to take your first mock? I am trying to figure out how much time I should spend pushing ahead in the readings vs. stopping and doing practice q’s.

I think my ideal date would be to do my first mock roughly a month before the actual test. Interested in your opinions.

I personally believe its a function of how much time you gots, and how competent you are. I’m a thug that needs to study hard to get any results, thus you may get by on less work than me. I also have a clumpy work schedule, so I can’t say mine is a representative workplan.

I have a hairy late-April and May, so I’m trying to pound in my heavy study time now. I hope to be done my readings in mid-April and then start pounding away on exams, reviewing, feeling dumb, and repeat.

My plan is as follows in May:

Mondays-3 hr exam Tuesdays-review Wednesdays-3 hr exam Thursdays-review Friday-booze and/or girls (exclusively classy ones) Sats-6 hour practice (exam conditions, excluding classy girls) Suns-review

I would say 1st week of may, and but definitely not later than the 2nd week of may!!!

As for doing the CFAI EOC and going ahead with the readings. I am also confused on what to do as the EOCs are very comprehensive and require quite some time for most readings.

Good plan bud…u dont wanna waste your CFA time on skanky women! lol