Ban hashtag for personal attacks

Please ban hastag for personal attacks like this

hashtag Aug 14th, 2015 7:25am

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IsThereAny wrote:

CFAilure wrote:


You are right… but… personally the program took XX hours for Candidate 1, YYY hours for Candidate 2 etc.

CFAI can calculate two different average numbers - for passes and losers.

Instead, CFAI calculates only one general average.

It’s like Joh and Jim went to rob a bank when they both were 20 years old. Jim was shot by police and Joh got 20 years in prison. Upon Joh’s reliese he and Jim were on average 30 years old, lol. That is what happens when you put together two unrelated groups, just re-read St. Session 3 from Level 2.

You are a moron… I hope you never pass for the Charter’s sake…

Hopes and wishes for certain individuals to pass (or not) don’t work in the world of CFA. Want proof?


please give feedback in the new feedback forum

Thanks for reporitng this issue.

I sent hashtag a PM to lay off vicky.

Great, now she’s out of a job too.

Haha well played!