Banana v cookies?


Good thing my fridge is 99% stocked with beef and fish. The remaining 1% is a leftover burrito.

Knowledge is power, bitches!

Cookies. Always cookies. It takes all my willpower to not buy a box whenever I go into Sams/Costco.

I am calling BS on this scale.

240 calories of bananas = approx 2 large (8" to 9") bananas.

240 calories of cookies = 1 Mrs Fields cookie (or any number of cookies weighing 50g)

It will take me at least 10 minutes to eat two large bananas. It will take me 1 microsecond to eat the cookie. Therefore, I will not eat the second banana, and I will definitely have another cookie.

Bottom line, ignore the idiots. Eat bananas AND oranges AND apples. Chew your food slowly and you will eat less.

Dilvery is important. All that fiber in fruts make them a lot harder to rack up calories as fast as you can from processed foods like cookies.

Now if you make it into juice. Then you’re pretty much eating the same thing.

I have bacon every day. But its nitrate free so it’s ok.

Agree, but bananas and grapes will still spike insulin and make you fat. For people with issues best to stay clear of all of it.

This is dumb.

Of course you should be aware of the sugar content in tropical fruits. Eat bananas, mangos, kiwis, pineapple, melons, etc less often than apples and berries unless you need rapid energy when working out very hard.

A cookie is very vague. What kind of cookie is this? A banana is healthier than your average chocolate chip cookie. An oatmeal raisin cookie with zero added sugar or oil is probably healthier than a banana.

Fancy charts and graphs are of limited use.

Furthermore, don’t eat only a banana. Sugars are best consumed with protein for less of a spike in glycemic index. Throw a banana in your protein shake or on some healthy sugar free and protein rich cereal. Avoid refined sugars as they are like crack to your glycemic index.

Sugar is toxic.

I gave up sugar due to a history of pancreatic cancer in the family but there’s interesting research on health risks from refined sugar. All calories are not equal. The ones from sugar generate more bad cholesterol. Fiber slows down fructose absorption in the body making fruits okay for you according to the endocrinologist in the video. Of course you can’t believe everything you see on TV but it’s interesting.

I like all the colors on the chart. cheeky