Band 10 fail - my thoughts and plan for re-sit in June

I couldn’t have got any closer to the boundary than I did so I know I can do this in June.

My plan is the following:

  1. Read the materials again (CFA or Schweser) - should be quicker this time as I only read them once before the December exam. Maybe that is why I failed as many others have read it more than once and then passed.

  2. Go through each and every EOC question at least 2 times (once at start and once during review for exam) - didn’t do any of these last time.

  3. Elan practice quizzes for each chapter - i didn’t finish all of these before my first sitting and these were the only test I did.

  4. Blue box questions and examples in CFA books - didn’t do any of these last time.

  5. Supplement the revision process with Elans 11th Hour Guide so I don’t have to keep looking back through individual books.

  6. Mock exams - I didn’t sit a single mock exam before the exam in December. I will do 4 of these (one every weekend the month before the exam).

Considering I felt too ill to revise economics effectively the week before like I planned and it was the only area I got less than 50% in, I am pretty sure I can put my fail down to bad luck. June on the other hand will be a different story and I will win in the end.

Later in 2013 I WILL be a CFA L2 candidate! Who’s with me!

That’s the attitude !!! I’ll be looking for your pass come June :smiley:

Sounds like a great plan, good luck!

May the good luck be with you throughout your study marathon as well as results coming June. I would say just write off your present result and give your best shot, because either way you can sit for L2 in 2014!

You did good for not taking any mocks.

my belief is that passing most test is about learning the test itself and not necessary the content.

in this case, i think you should focus on taking as many practice tests as you can. scheweser is a good resource because of its qbank and 2 books with just practice tests.

i just focused on that for a few weeks after skimming through the notes and passed.

Good luck with that for Level 2 lol

almost there capaldij! all the best for next time

Hey capaldij - just wanted to let you know that I’m truly impressed with your attitude, for what it’s worth. That’s the kind of outlook that’s going to take you places. Best of luck in June - you’re going to kill it.

Absolutely fantastic attitude buddy. Good luck to you

All the best man! Be sure to hit those mocks early this time and you’ll be fine.

Yea band 10 as well…I put about 20 hours in studying and did no questions, really i spent more time trying to get a passport and enrolling then I did in the text. I have only myself to blame. I knew when my gf asked me to come over the night before I should have said no. Truthfully I’m not sure I’ll take it again me learning those things will result in 0% increase in billable time or quality of service provided to my clients. I’m not trying to be a mutual fund manager or educator.

Ok CFA exam you’re legit, I thought I’d passed you and laugh in your face but I guess the jokes on me.

hey capaldji, great attitude, and i wish you all the best in june. I’m taking it for the first time in June as well. I noticed above that you said you were gonna review the material again (CFA or schweser). In a previous thread about ELAN, you sounded pretty sure of youself that ELAN was the better prep material. I’m studying with ELAN right now, and have been satisfied with the material so far, but I have to ask you why your going with the Schweser material for your second go? aside from the ELAN quizzes, mocks and 11th hour guide. Thanks!

Thanks for the kind words of support folks smiley. I appreciate it.

michaelc88 - I said Schweser just because I have a clean copy of these from last year (from a friend) with none of my own notes on them and want to start fresh. I’ll probably use CFAI material for Ethics and Economics this time though, just because those are my weak areas.

Elan’s are more or less exactly the same as Schweser but they’re cheaper, so it just makes more sense to buy them. Schweser’s have EOC questions but they’re so basic they aren’t worth your time. That’s the only difference.

Impressed you got to band 10 without doing EOC questions and mocks. Your study plan looks good, although if you want to save time I wouldn’t re-read the CFAI texts. They take huge amounts of time and have a lot of surplus information, I kindof regretted reading them once.

It does seem that people were telling everyone how much they were studying before the test, but now most of the posts are saying how little they studied.

yeah that’s what i thought too and the truth kind of hurts but…

i am back in the game too!i still need some time to heal and finish my exams for the university but i think 3 months will be enough taking into account that i needed 4 months to get band 9.

i am thinking to review the notes do EOC again and some qbank the first two months and then do only qbank and practice/mock exams what do you think guys?

spor la treaba!

As per my thinking, those who failed in band 10 just need to do one thing and that is

“Read questions properly”

If u do that u wont have to do anything extra :slight_smile:

Must be trolling

Ok so i’ve covered ethics and economics now and have got above 70% in all CFA EOC questions apart from the last chapter in economics.

Time to move on to all the other sections which are much easier!