band 11

i’m assuming band 11 is being pushed over due to passing ethics section?

what is this percentage difference, any ideas?

like is it 1% away or 0.1% away and you get pushed over.

did not understand one bit what you mean by band 11 and pushed over…???

there have been some 40-60-80s sub 60 with under 50 in ethics. i have always thought the ethics adjustment was nothing more than a myth.

The CFAI has confirmed the Ethics adjustment. Taken directly from their FAQ:

What is the “ethics adjustment”?

The Board of Governors instituted a policy to place particular emphasis on ethics. Starting with the 1996 exams, the performance on the ethics section became a factor in the pass/fail decision for candidates whose total scores bordered the minimum passing score. The ethics adjustment can have a positive or negative impact on these candidates’ final results.

No idea what you mean by “push over”. I don’t know about level III because i haven’t taken it yet, but for level II, I passed with ethics <50%

You can easily pass the exam without passing ethics its just a differentiator between marginal passes and fails.

That said you can still get a band 10 fail with an >70% in Ethics (I did for level 3). With this in mind I suspect it is probably around a 3 mark difference (.8333%) if you consider band 10 at level 3 is probably at maximum 2% away from pass.

One thing I would be interested in is whether there is any limitation to the number of ethics bumps you can receive (I suspect not), because in theory a candidate could be borderline for all 3 levels and pass due to their expertise in ethics (although to even get borderline you still need a decent understanding of the other topics as well).

i got a band 10 and above 70 in ethics

based on this i suspect i was far off from the pass mark, probably 6% off.

then that would mean all band 10’s are NOT 1 or 2 % off, otherwise they would pass if their ethics were above 70

I suspect we were both off the borderline but not necessarily as far off the pass mark as you’d expect. I would be hugely suprised if band 10 was as far off as 6%, as you can see bands 6 and 7s with reasonable matrices that would need to be seriously at the bottom of each grading band to allow for a 20% off of the pass mark if you have each band at around 6%.

The fact is we don’t know how close you have to be to passing for an ethics adjustment to take effect, it doesn’t necessarily mean 1% (4 marks rounded up) or 2% (8 marks rounded up to the next highest full mark), it could be that you’d need to be within 1 or 2 marks of the pass. The only reason i would hypothesise that it is 3 marks is that then it would be a single question in the PM exam, which to me would make sense (but I have no proof/evidence to back this up). Another point is that we don’t know that this applies to everyone who gets >70% in ethics, maybe the ethics bump require you to get 10 or more out of 12 to get the bump and we could have just got 9. There are a lot of variables that we don’t have a clear picture of.

Also I believe we can assume that there is a bell shaped distribution with the results with a positive skew, although we don’t know the mark difference for each band, we can assume that the bands are smaller the higher they get, so band 10 would be a lot smaller score bracket than band 3 for example meaning that having band 10 as a 6% difference wouldn’t leave a lot of room for the other bands.

Anyway I wish it was a simple as if you are band 10 with >70% in ethics then you pass, but as we both know that’s not the case.

well let’s hope it’s 1-3% off, which seems much more plausible. i can work with that.