Banking, Question for Lateral Hires and Associates who were promoted from Analyst

I know that Associates who get hired out of Business school receive a stub bonus when they start during the summer. So by year end they get bonus for half of the year they worked. What happens when an analyst got promoted to associate? Does he receive a fullyear bonus or are they stubbed as well? Do pre-mba associates in banking make the same as post mba associates, considering the associate level is for an mba usually? In the case that a lateral gets hired as a mid second year analyst position now and qualifies to be a third year analyst by the summer of 08, does he usually get the full third year bonus by end of 08? or is it between a second/third year level comp? Thanks in advance

  1. analyst promotes get stub as well. (they just received analyst bonus in july, get a signing bonus and get time off) 2. associate comp is based on how well you perform - not whether you have an MBA. (In fact, the people who get paid more are typically analyst promotes) 3. not sure if i follow. if you lateral now as a second year analyst (ie you will be finishing your second year in july 08), you may or may not get a whole bonus in july 08. but as a third year getting a bonus in july 09, you will get a full bonus

thanks bankingbaby, I forgot that analysts usually get bonus during the summertime. But i didn’t know that analyst promotes to associate also get a signing bonus.