Bankruptcies. whyd it happen?

So today, GNC filed for bankruptcy. i remembered this co when i was in hs. it was poppin. in 2015 it made its last decent profit at $2.15. waht happened to this high flier in the last 5 years.

My guess is it got Amazon’d. It’s a commoditized product they tried to differentiate in. Once people get in a routine and don’t need the sales folk they start shopping around, find out about better alternatives from reddit, etc. Plus a lot of growth models like that over expand on storefront space and get trapped in leases.

yep true. thats why i am always scared of retail. amazon ■■■■■ ya, and the fixed costs screw you.

everyone knows to only buy from

GNC is for scrubs.

Perhaps people finally realized 100% of the products they sell don’t have any positive benefits?

Back spasms from creatine intensifying

How do you suppose that they came to realize that?

Was it from their psychics, or from their astrologers?


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That’s the spirit!

bikini shop that my sister used to work for filed for bankruptcy too. sadddddd.





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Over priced



I once visited a GNC store just to buy some creatine. A jersey shore looking sales dude wouldn’t leave me alone and kept blabbering about all the other great stuff they just happen to have deals on RIGHT NOW. I guess that was their style because a few of my friends had similar experiences. I’m really happy I can order stuff on internet nowadays.

Chuck E. Cheese. Why it failed. 1 billion in debt. 50m op income. Covid stop cash flow temporarily. Fun stuff.