Seriously… Keep banning members/nuking threads and this forum will cease to exist. Just look at the activity here this year compared to last or the year prior. I understand that you’re trying to protect ad revenue here but this place has degraded quite a bit over the past few years, mainly out of the frustrations of regulars. Is the plan to simply ban members under the guise that new crop will come every six months? Seems flawed.

Yeah, there is some optimal rate of banning, and I think the forum owner has way surpassed it.

Yeah I was thinking that too, that there is a large noticeable difference in the forum from this year to last year. I stand for value.

hope you have another profile ready!

It’s depressing. PTC was one of the people I followed on this forum.

Agree. Many of us have asked for a 3 strikes and you’re out system to be instilled. It seems a little ridiculous that many of the regulars who have posted for years were given the boot without a moment’s notice.

Chad, It feels like a terrorist act to just ban without a warning(or even with a warning). As others have pointed out, the quality of posts on this forum has deteriorated since your “banning spree” started. This forum use to be an escape from work, filled with “good humored” posts…some sort of de-stressing mechanism, but now all that is going away. You’re probably right that a new crop of CFA enthusiasts starts every 6 months and they will always keep this forum running, but who will give them advise/ask’em to shut up, if you keep behaving like this. Besides, for CFA related serious discussions you already have a forum for each level. Anyways, you’re a grown up man and there’s a limit to what can be said/advised. Best, Gauri

This is BS 90% of the people who got banned deserved it, period. I’m not saying I didn’t like their posts (some were fun, some were hilarious) but I’ll take a “beta” thread any day on a “which car should I buy” thread. Some think people can post whatever they want when they pass 1000 post threshold. Ummm no you can’t, sorry. And Chad doesn’t have to track how many times a poster offended in the past. If you get banned you can always come back with a new screen name and keep contributing. If you don’t like the moderation you can always go somewhere else, you won’t be missed.