Barclays to cut Asia investment banking jobs next week - sources

Barclays is not alone in reducing its exposure in the region, with Asia-focused Standard Chartered (STAN.L) announcing a year ago that it would close the equities franchise it had launched in November 2008 and rival Societe Generale (SOGN.PA) saying more recently that it would close its equities research desk in India.

Source: Yahoo Finance

What does this mean for ER?

er been dead bro, stick to programming

Serious question: How epic of a skill is programming to have career wise (Banking)? Recently startinng putting the hours in and making a real effort.

not much at all. unless you’re in banking IT support

If you work for a bank, unless you are in a dedicated quantitative or technology role, you will never touch any significant code.

finance + programming = best job propsects + $$$$

I was a software engineer and I can tell you that, you won’t get more than support job with your qualification.