Barely passed Level 1

Hello all, just got my results today and would appreciate advice. I barely passed level 1, with every thing in the middle column and only equity over 70% and FRA under 50%.

how would you suggest I approach level 2 studies? Should I go over level 1 material to solidify my foundation or should I dive into level 2?

thank you!!

Depends if you’re going to write in June 2016 or not.

If you are, just focus on the level II cirriculum. You don’t have time to waste. Learn it inside out and do lots of practice!!!

They are all independent. You can definitely do it. Don’t let past experience haunt you (just like investing, or anything else in life)!

I would throw your Level 1 materials in a drawer and dive straight into Level 2 if you’re planning to push for the June exam. You’re going to have to work hard and work quickly. 4 months is not a lot of time for your first shot at Level II, depending on how many study hours per week you’re able to accomplish, so there’s really no time to refresh Level I concepts.

Are you saying that level 2 is complete independent of level 1??

I think he means that there is no time for that s#@! if she expects to clear level 2 in June

Yep, this. A lot of the Level II exam is built on Level I concepts and some forumulas, but everything you need to pass the Level II exam is right in the ciriculum.

I passed Level 1 with very bad preparation and minimal practise. Didn’t study for Alternate Investment or Derivatives at all!! Guess I got lucky . Can someone suggest a plan if I need to start from 1st Feb?? I need to give it in June 2016 for sure. Don’t really sure where to start. I studied Level 1 only from IFT

If you study roughly 16.9355 hours per week from Feb 1st to test day you will hit 300 hours of study and might pass…

(300 hours / 124 days remaining)* 7 days in week = 16.9355