i found your EM summary helpful. thank you. did you make any notes on QM-regression? every time i see the AnoVa, the related tables. I am not sure which figure to slot in a given regression equation. Just in case you have you have any tips on this please SOS!

link plz

supersharpshooter link, of what?

i think he means the EM summary in your original post

link to the EM summary

its not my post its barthezz 's post it right on this same page

oh wow, didn’t notice it, i even ran a search. thanks!

audrey, glad you liked it. you’re more than welcome, we’re all sitting in the same boat. and also thanks for my own thread on AF… :slight_smile: i used for quant what i took out from the books and the review posted from another guy on AF last year. maybe it is useful. i recommend doing problem #14, p.274, v1 in the cfai books. it helps nail the concept. anyways, here you go: good luck to us all and may god be by our side, whatever we conceive god to be.