“its 4 o’clock at the new york stock exchange, do you know where your money is?” lol. MY money? not anymore.

She’s hot. They should consider changing that opening phrase though.

Bottom-heavy and old. She needs to go.

there bench is deep at CNBC, she should let someone sub in for her

Chuckrox8 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > She’s hot. no.

the money honey? ehh, there’s a new bit of eye candy that’s attracting decent IOI. courtney regan. Google first, thanks later.

whats her face…the doe-eyed chick with the hoo-hoos…

Margaret Brennan, there it is! Thanks me.

pimp Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Bottom-heavy and old. Me too > She needs to go. No, she doesn’t. What’s wrong with you? Watch some teeny-bopper flick and leave Maria alone.

She looks like she aged a lot in the last five years. I used to think she was the hottest thing with two breasts.

not hot at all.

. . . getting a tad bit thick

JustPass Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > . . . getting a tad bit thick But JustPass…would ya?


forget bartiromo, suze orman is a goddess.

I’d hit it.

Maria is starting to show her age, but I still think she looks good.

courtney reagan is a good friend of mine and yes she is very attractive