"Bask in my glory"

“Usain Bolt gave the crowd a wave in the manner of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain before racing to the finish line of the 200 meters to seal a historic sweep of the track sprints at the London Olympics.”

“I’ve done it, this is what I wanted; I’ve wanted to become a legend,” he told reporters after his race. “You can bask in my glory now.”


Sure, it is a tremendous achievement, but from what he said, you’d think that he went 3/3 in CFA or something.

ha ha i see what you did there.

it is a crazy accomplishment…but one of my sport heros is floyd mayweather and he doens’t come close compared to lil floyd…

^ you mean cheater mayweather. Bolt’s got the swagger and he(and everybody else) knew that he is going to win.

Before yesterday I thought Bolt was a pretty classy guy. A few days ago when he stopped an interview so he wouldn’t interrupt a medal cermony going on nearby…pretty cool move.

Then yesterday he rambles on about how he’s the greatest athlete of all time and how Carl Lewis sucks. Not classy.

He’s had it out for Lewis ever since Lewis basically accused all Jamacian sprinters of doping.

Lewis started it.

Bolt still responded poorly. No reason to bring it up. Could have just let his times speak for themselves. That’s not to say Lewis should have said anything to begin with. You shouldn’t just throw around accusations like that. Both without class IMO.

^ the ironic thing is that Lewis said Bolt’s 0.34 second improvement in the 100m in about a year was suspicious, but Lewis himself dropped 1/2 a second off his personal best in a year while at Houston and cut another 1/4 second the following year. Even more ironic, he was caught using banned stimulants himself and was allowed to compete anyway.

Yohan Blake got class. Respectful, and always puts up with the immature Bolt and his silly antics. Blake is the future. Also want to big up my homeboy David Rudisha from Kenya for winning the 800m final and breaking the world record…

Lewis is the biggest hipocrite. Ben Johnson said Lewis was doping like crazy in the 80s. I’d rather believe Johnson than Carl.

Yeah, I’m not exactly a fan of Bolt’s antics, but what he’s done in the 100m I’m not sure if we’ll ever see something comparable again. A monster.

Lewis is also sour because he never got enough endorsements, because you know why.

Has that perception changed since then?

When I think of Carl Lewis now I think of him doing two things:

  1. Singing the national anthem

  2. Throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game. Not as famous as the national anthem debacle, but it was also an embarrassment.