BAT (Bloomberg Aptitude Test)

Has anyone taken or does anyone have any experience with the BAT (Bloomberg Aptitude Test)?


I took it my first MBA semester. It’s kind of dumb.

This guy I interviewed the other day was very proud he scored some ~95% on it. I asked him what it was. I don’t know what to think of it.

I’m pretty sure I took it. Like @inkybinky says, kind of dumb.

EDIT: NM, I looked it up and definitely didn’t take.

Do you think we should take it while it is free? Or are they letting everyone take it for free to just get data samples for their questions?

Why would those things be contradictory?

If memory serves, it mostly focused on sells-side, day-to-day crap. It wasn’t much theory like the CFA exam. I remember it testing a lot of practical terminology and stuff. It wasn’t hard, but I scored 91st percentile. I think if I took it today, it would probably be more like 98-99th. And I’m a complete idiot, so that should say a lot.

yeah its kinda dumb.

i took it a while ago right after i graduated & i scored in the 98th percntile. i’ve probably had my resume requested from about 40-50 employers since and none have ever reached out to me (or maybe my resume just sucks!). i think most employers just use it to request the top couple hundred resumes in their region to sift through and see if there’s someone outstanding in there (which probably rarely happens because the outstanding people are probably already taken).

if youre in school id say just take it. you can do it from home with little to no opportunity cost and maybe if your lucky youll get a couple interviews, but it is certainly not a substitute for networking and applying for jobs.

also dont waste time prepping. it isn’t hard and definitely not worth investing more time into it than the time you have to spend taking it.

and dont brag about it, most people dont know what it is and it certainly isnt something to boast about.

Yeah… It seems like everyone’s reiterating the consensus on it. Maybe moving forward it will gain more influence but as it’s only in its infantile stage now that it won’t mean anything.

For added context, this is the exact same conclusion I came to after scoring pretty well on it…3 years ago.

I got 94th percentile 1.5 years ago. Feel like I could do 98th+ now. I have it on my resume as an academic detail