Bathroom Attendants

haha, come on dude it’s not the 80s or 90s anymore. I dont think during my 4 years in nyc that i saw a junkie - perhaps drug users - but nothing beyond the common money peddler.

Now, I’m not going to bring a girl back to the bathroom nor do drugs but the thing that I dislike about these attendants is that ackward moment after you wash your hands and they hand you a towel to dry. You are faced with the question to tip or not. Sure, they are probably nice and they did turn on the water and hand you a towel, but does that usually deserve a tip? I end up throwing a dollar in the cup and due to my binge drinking of HOH i end up having to due this mutiple times…

Eff this…I tip (and tip nicely) when a girl is looking so she knows I ball (valet, dinner, bar, etc)…no girls in the mens bathroom, thus no tip…as mentioned, I can grab a towel myself and I dont care if niggys be gettin it on in the bathroom…ill just rip out the nastiest eggiest smellin joant for them and be on way.

I have a very important question. Are there bathroom attendants in the women’s restroom? If not, this might answer many of the important questions on this topic, and perhaps some important questions of our generation.

When I was in Dubai, there were bathroon attendants (two) everywhere I went but it didn’t bother me as we do our business behind doors. They didn’t turn the tap for me or hand towel. They were just standing there and chatting.

We aren’t much better in Canada, really. You just got lucky. And Montreal is probably the worst in his country.

I hate it when I pull out my wallet to leave two bucks and realize that I only have 20s so there’s that awkward moment where the guy’s looking and I don’t know whether to ask him to break a 20 for me (with poop infested bills nonetheless) or just put my wallet back in my pocket and walk out the door. Plus, if I’m out drinking, it’s pretty annoying that I have to pay this guy every time a take a leak.

I don’t think I’ve ever run into someone having sex in a men’s room in my life.

Oh, wait, except for me, though it was a hotel lobby bathroom and I was caught. (Seriously, I had completely forgotten about it until I wrote this). But actually, I’ve never encountered anyone else doing it.

I was going to say that a bathroom just doesn’t sound like a good place to have sex, but it is true that not all bathrooms are filthy.

I don’t think people SHOULD be having sex in women’s, it’s always lined up already!!!

That is very true, not a lot of people carry coins and you don’t really want to pay too much if you are not really spending that much money in teh restaurant.

and what if you don’t have your wallet with you when you go in? do you turn around?

Where did you end up going out?


A few extra dollars and you can get an escort.


No HCB around, no need to impress.

probably weird for #2 though

the only places you get them in the UK are in tacky clubs, usually trying to sell you a spray of agua di geo or a chuppa chub for £5.

I always assumed their main purpose was to stop people snorting coke.

Although you can’t really stop them from doing that in the stalls…

Yes! i forgot about the fragrances! it’s so old-school.

I recently visited london and i’m glad i didn’t come across any attendents. I went to Sketch in Mayfair, it has the coolest washroom EVER!

Since we’re talking about bathrooms and what not, here is a story I have for y’all and how bathroom attendants could come in handy.

I was about 12 beers deep in a club out in Chitown one time. This fatgirl wanted me to come over and pound. Ok I think, let’s put in some work. So I venture to the bathroom and find it nasty as fck with litter, glass, and maybe even sht all over the place. F it, I’ll bounce out of here and p!ss at her apartment. I hit the highway and make my way out to the burbs (mind you I should NOT have been behind the wheel of any car or operating any heavy machinary).

I pull into her apartment lot and find she is not home yet…fck. We’ll let me p!ss in these bushes. As I make my way to the shrubs, I see a cop pull into the lot. Great. I quickly make my way back to the car and wait to see what he does. Heck, I was paranoid he was there to nap me for dui. He parks his squad, and goes into the apartment. He then comes back a moment later and just sits in his squad doing who knows what. All the while I’m about to start pee dancing. So, in the security of my SUV, I grab an empty gatorade bottle, unzip my pants, and attempt to go in the privacy of my front seat. Not only do I fail miserably, but I get p!ss all over the wheel, dash, windshield, CD case, and my clothes. Fck I think.

However, this girl was such a filthpile that she didn’t even notice it when I met up with her, heck, she probably liked it. And the moral of the story is, don’t go chubby chasing regardless of how drunk you are.

That is because they were janitors, their main duties were cleaning the stalls and wiping the floor.

Some patrons tip them regardless because their job isnt that pleasant

They’re there so people aren’t totally open about it, like piling into a cubicle together or heading back and forth every 10 minutes.

is sketch the one where there’s a 2 way mirror? so you can see all the people in the bar but they can’t (hopefully!) see you.

Sometimes I don’t like the timing of those cleaning staff. Like 10 minutes ago, I was inside the toilet in the building where I work checking my hair and putting some make-ups on. There was this male cleaning staff who didn’t knock and just opened the door!!

I always get pissed when this kinda thing happens.

One of the hotels I stay at frequency for work is pretty nice but I’ve never gone to the bathroom in the Lobby. Last night after dinner at the restaurant, I went to the lobby bathroom and there was a bathroom attendant standing there. I immediately thought of this thread lol