Bathroom Attendants

I don’t like them. Apparently this is setting the internet on fire right now. How do you feel? I feel almost exactly as this guy said. Now people are upset the guy lost his job as a bathroom attendant.

The article says the bathroom guy was reassigned, so at least he has a job. Anyway, I always suspected that the bathroom attendant was there to maintain bathroom etiquette, since most illicit behavior by restaurant patrons - drunken or otherwise - likely takes place in the bathroom. I’m sure some AF guys have stories to tell…

I really don’t like bathroom attendants. I’m perfectly capable of getting a towel to dry my hands all by myself. I don’t need some dude hovering over me to give me a towel in exchange for a tip.

^ These guys ain’t all bad. Some even have pull on the inside. I befriended a bathroom attendant one time who was able to get me on the VIP list back in my old hood. Throwing the guy a 20 gave me the plug to skip the line, look baller, and impress the HCBs up in VIP.

You’re out to have a good time. Yes, you have to pay to park, pay cover, pay for coat check, pay for drinks, and pay the bathroom attendant hooking you up with towels, mints, and what not. I mean, it’s a few bucks tops. Just deal with it.

Now a bathroom attendant at MCD would tick me off.

Who am I to judge how another man makes an honest living? That said, I think bathroom attendants should be one job that is eliminated across the industry. If only the restaurant industry weren’t already at an oversupply for other roles…

I’m not some big city baller like you CvM. I’m just a simple suburban guy who wants to piss in peace. I also don’t frequent baller clubs, so I rarely encounter bathroom attendants. Locker room attendants in country clubs are a different story though, I’m all for them.

Agree. Like I said, if I were hustled at Applebees by a bathroom attendant, I’d be upset. I’ve also stiffed some more than I care to admit. I drink alot and use the bathroom half a dozen times in a night. I’m not going to throw a few bucks each time brah. Sometimes I just want to do my business and gtfo.

I appreciate the bathroom attendant because for the most part bathrooms in the U.S. are disgusting and people tend to behave themselves when someone is “watching”.

not a lot of them in japan, but even in hotels, i think they stop doing that now… most newer hotels have cleaning staff but not an attendent.

My buddy once brought a chick to the guys bathroom to **** her and the attendant ratted him out. Not cool. There should be an unwritten rule for guys trying to get some.

LOL … guys… I’m here to break the bad news to you…

nobody likes bathroom attendants. They are there to make sure people don’t f*** or do coke in the bathroom.

I’m impressed that your buddy had the self control not to take a massive dump on the attendant.

Completely agree. North American washrooms by and large are disgusting filth holes. I definitely appreciate the bathroom attendant and I’d like to see more of them over here. Hell, it creates employment for low skilled workers, great win-win.

Reminds me of the CFA exam day. Guy seems you go to bathroom. follows you in…

Maybe one of the bathroom attendant’s functions is to be a “traffic conductor”. That is, if someone is facing an emergency, he might need to be prioritized over others to avoid an explosive situation.

I spent a few weeks in Montreal/Quebec this past summer and was amazed how filthy the United States is compared to Canada. U.S. citizens have zero respect for common areas.

Agree with what’s been said. Bathroom attendants are reasonable and necessary. To the one who got ratted out, you forgot to seal the deal with some hush money. Throw the guy a $50 and you would’ve had the whole bathroom to yourself to do what you wish with that filthpile of a female.

This. It’s their only job, they are not janitors nor do they clean up.

Maybe the bathroom attendants just enable restaurants to tax you to have sex or snort coke in the bathroom. Presumably, if you bribe the attendant, he will look away when you do these things. So, it’s another way for them to collect money for having a good time.

No offense to you analysts here, but I like bathroom attendants for this reason. I don’t want to have to listen to mufuggas getting it on while I’m trying to drop a deuce. I also don’t want a cracked out junkie hanging around asking to sck my dck for some rock. Bathroom attendants keep the rift raft out of there so you can whip your BSD out with ease.

If you want to engage in said activities, it’ll cost ya.

Trust story, the water was out in a club one due to a shifty contractor fcking something up. Anyways, the attandant only had hand sanitizer to clense your hands. My boy had to drop a deuce and all of the stalls were blocked off due to said water issue. He gives the guy a 10 in exchange for the ability to sht. That poor janitor…