Bathroom breaks?

I know I am a grown man and all, but this could prove to be important. What are the rules regarding bathroom breaks during exam?

Don’t drink a lot before going into the exam. They might misread your squirming/leg-crossing as attempted communication, sort of like bridge bids.

“When I took the Level 1 exam, this girl kept getting up to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes. It was pretty obvious what was happening. The proctors caught her in the bathroom reading a cheat sheet. They heard paper rustling behind the stall. They even looked in the cracks between the doors and saw her. They expelled her from the program; and they also violated her privacy to do it. Now, if she’d listened to the advice I’m giving you, she wouldn’t have needed to do that; she would have been prepared, and she would have been ok and she’d be a charterholder today. And, if she’d got in touch with me later, we would have sued the CFAI’s *ss off, but that’s another story.” (Peter is also an attorney, or was) - Peter Orlinto

I read somewhere that 2% dehydration can result in a 20% decrease in concentration. (I actually saw it on Dragons Den, a guy pitching for water bottles)

haha…I saw that too… That show is messed up.

You will probably not want to spend valuable exam time in the loo. Plan accordingly.

I took level I last June, as took one break half way through each session. Breaks are allowed. It was good to stretch, move around, get a drink, take my eyes off the exam for a minute or two, etc. I think taking the break actually helped me. (I passed) You should be fine with taking a break so long as you don’t abuse the priviledge.

Here is the sink post. Author: ccooper55 Date: Thursday, August 12 @ 1:49 pm This year, level III, NYC I am waiting for the bathroom in this massive line about 10 minutes before the start of the exam. There is this guy panicked out of his mind in line ahead of me who I noticed for the previous half hour had been rocking back and forth in the corner of the lobby murmering his notes back to himself from memory…a real whackjob. Anyway, As I am standing in line with this guy in front of me he starts to sweat profusely and I can litterally hear this guys stomach rumbling…this is where he really freaks out. He starts pounding on the stall doors ( there were only 2) and, of course, no one is coming out so this ass clown drops his pants, hops up on the sink, and blows SH**T all over the sink! The most disgusting thing was the backspray all over this guy! He was COVERED in his own Sh**t. I am laughing my ass off but this guy didnt miss a beat, he rinses off his pants, throws his shirt in the trash and walks into the test wearing only his windbreaker and wet pants. I could hardly stop laughing to myself a full half hour into the test…I knew then I was going to be alright because at least I didn’t just blow ass chunks all over the bathroom…priceless. Author: hughj Date: Thursday, August 12 @ 2:29 pm NYC this summer, I’ squirting lemon in my iced tea (for a little caffeine pick me up) right before I walk in to the exam center. Some of it squirts the wrong way, gets me in right in the eyes and I literally, can’t see a thing. I ask someone to help me get to the bathroom so I can rinse my eyes. I feel around for the sink, run the water and immerse my face in the sink, and to my horror, it’s full of sh**! I scramble to find a paper towel and the bin’s empty! At this point I go rummaging through the garbage in sheer hysterics to find anything to wipe my face, and to my relief I find a discarded shirt. I wipe my face as quickly as possible w/ the shirt, only to find I’m caking on more sh**, and now I can’t see again. I was totally confused until Cooper’s post put the pieces together for me. BTW I think I did ok in the morning session, afternoon was a little tough.

Oh man that’s funny.

priceless, indeed…

oh man, too bad he didn’t have a camera with him at the time, it had the potential to be the video of the year on youtube

This is probaby the 5th time I see this pasted on the forums and every time I wonder if that’s a true story or if someone’s imagination is running wild.

I think the first is embellished and the second, while funny, is complete fiction…

oh man…that was hilarious