Batteries or second calculator

Guys, are you gonna take replacement batteries or a second calculator to the exam? I know it’s advisable but I think that the likelihood of your calculator dying in the exam is really small.

Another calculator. Why take the time to change batteries, if your calculator happens to die on you? I know the chances are slim, but would you want to take that risk?

Not to mention, what if your calculator fails for a reason other than batteries. Bring a spare.

Bringing batts, yo. Less weight resistance when I fly through the door. Also, i’ve been praccticing my speed changes like a friggen pit crew. BOOYAH!

Second calculator seems a bit paranoid.

Just replace your batteries with new ones beforehand. It’s true that you can bring a second calculator in case OJ or drool gets into it. You can sell the calculator to someone else if you feel like it. I’ve seen people walk in with four, yes, four calculators. That’s how paranoid people can be. The irony is that there are probably going to be surprisingly few problems that actually need the calculator, and even fewer that use more than basic four functions (±*/).

I’m bringing a second calc. I’ve had to return two previously calculators due to stuck keys, and I just heard of someone on this forum whose zero didn’t work. Why not eliminate all possible variables? spartanag07 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Second calculator seems a bit paranoid.

Best choice, two calculators with fresh batteries.