Battery for your calculator

Just went to get an extra battery for tomorrow. If you have not changed or bought a new battery for your calculator for a while (for me, last year before I took the level II exam), you guys should… Good Luck everyone!!!

I picked one up as well, six bucks is a small price to pay considering the alternative.

If you have the TI BaII plus wasn’t there something you had to do to get the TVM calculations to work. Something with adjusting interest per year?

I hear the numbers start to fade before they completely fail, this should take a few days…

Has anyone’s battery actually died on them during the exam. My battery is three years old and still going strong. More worried about someone stealing my calculator here in Manila then the battery dieing before I take the exam on Sunday. Nevertheless, I have an extra battery. Stranger things have happened

Been using it for over 2 years, and I see no sign of numbers fading. If it fails on me during exam, then probably I wasn’t meant to pass lol. For those who got extra batteries, why not just replace them before going to the exam? I mean why bother bring screw drivers and waste your time.

12c is the way to go. no tools or adjustments required.

I just installed a fresh set on my primary and backup and have an extra pack just in case. I’m leaving no things to chance.