Baye's Formula

hey fellas , I am facing difficulty in applying Baye’s formula in prob questions.For ex : Question No : 18 , Pg 229 , Schweser Book 1 . How to decide whether to go with the formula or not ? Regards, Gaurav

Ignore the formula. Learn how to do this using the decision tree. SOOOOOOO much easier. I’d been killing myself with the formula for weeks and, after reviewing the notes on the decision tree method, learned it in 30 seconds.

agreed, using the tree helped me too.

all the bayes probs i have seen so far is pretty simple, if u know the tree diagram basically P(E/I)=P(IE)/P(I) this is all u need to know! P(I)=unconditional prob of new info P(E/I)=prob of event given info hope this helps

Just do ten questions with tree and you will be fine.

mcf and shabadoo1, can you direct me to write section for the baye’s thingy. i am really struggling with that. Did you do from the CFAI text? Thanks S