YES! Prayers answered. I’ll be seeing you soon Alexandra. Love ya.


If it ain’t got The Hoff, it ain’t Baywatch.

I’m expecting a surprise cameo.

Hasselhoff will be in the film, as will Pamela Anderson. However, it will probably be some cameo role, since both the Mitch and CJ characters have been cast as other actors.

This looks good.

Cool. Lifeguards getting privatized!

Do you think The Hoff and The Rock will discuss their doping protocols?

This actually looks good.

good? probably not. entertaining…sure. btw did i mention i love alexandra dadario? so ridiculously hot. dark hair/big blue eyes. add the endowments and you have the holy trinity. also she looks more than a little bit crazy.

Image result for alexandra daddario crazy eyes

Here is a point where TF and I are in full agreement.

I thought you were referring to Alexandra Paul in your original post.

Yes, entertaining is probably more accurate.

Turd, I assume you’ve viewed the gif of Alexandra from True Detective a few times? That’s entertaining.

There’s a gif?

Oh, there’s a gif.

indeed. She must be a host that made it out into the wild. Impossible for a human to be that hot.

looks like my psycho Ex. Was fantastic in the sack, and still haunts my dreams.

^what does fantastic mean?

Exactly. I’ll stay home and watch Knight Rider episodes, not going to support fake Baywatch!

ever been with a chick who likes to get asphyxiated during coitus? She would get “extra” adventurous after taking ambien, never a dull moment. Definitely a psycho though.

honestly, who would actually pay money to see this movie in theaters? Can’t remember the last time I went even.