BB and EOC Schweser vs. CFAI

I’ve been using Schweser BB and EOC… CFAI the same? If not, is it better?

In my opinion, the only things schweser has been good for at L3 has been providing condensed versions of the reading and some of the videos. Their questions, practice exams, and q-bank have been garbage… Some people claim to pass this exam without even looking at CFAI’s questions… I don’t know how though. Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear. Like I said though, that’s my opinion.

Thanks, I’ve heard the same thing from others. That’s why I asked. There are a couple areas I need to improve on so I’ll probably look at the CFAI material for those topics.

I’d only do the Schweser questions if I had exhausted the CFAI BBs and EOCs. A fair number of AM questions come from CFAI BBs. They’re not verbatim by any means, but the structure of the questions is largely the same.